Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution (SCAR) is an informal fellowship of people with an interest in the events, people, places, and ideas surrounding the American War of Independence.  We organize conferences, roundtables, field trips, and archaeological expeditions to promote research and sharing of information and to promote scholarly debate on Revolutionary War topics. And we publish the on-line journal, Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution.  We also facilitate the discovery, preservation, interpretation, and promotion of Revolutionary War historic sites on the ground.

Q. Is it possible to subscribe to SCAR magazine?

A. At present there are no subscriptions per se, but if you will send Charles B. Baxley your email and snail mail addresses, we will notify you be email of the posting of an new edition as well as other relevant events.  All past issues are free and on-line.

Q. Is it possible to join SCAR and become a member of the organization?

A. SCAR has no “members”, only people who have expressed an interest and are listed on our mailing list.  SCAR is based on mutual friendship and is always seeking others with similar interest and a willingness to share and help others.  Just attend, meet the group … we invite your participation.

Q. Is it possible to make a financial contribution to help with the costs of the magazine and other SCAR projects?

A. Financial contributions are certainly welcomed.  SCAR is not an IRC sec. 501(c)3 tax exempt organization nor is it’s publisher, Woodward Corporation; so any contributions to SCAR are not automatically tax deductible.  Contributions to the SCAR sponsored Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill archaeology project are made through our sponsor, the Kershaw County Historical Society, which is an IRC sec. 501(c)3 approved organization.

Q. What is the relation between SCAR and the American Revolution Association and American Revolution magazine?

A. There is no formal or legal relationship between the organizations; however, the new American Revolution Association was founded by David P. Reuwer (a co-founder of SCAR) to take the SCAR principals of fun, fellowship and scholarship on the Revolutionary War era nationwide. David is the editor of American Revolution magazine.

Q.  Are you seeking new articles to publish?

A.  Yes, we are always looking for original research and insightful commentary on the Southern Campaigns.  We are publishing some new articles on SCAR‘s home page for your information and enjoyment and we also refer articles to our sister publications where more appropriate.

Q.  What is SCAR‘s relationship with the Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Roundtable?

A.  SCAR’s founders were also founders with others of the Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Roundtable.  Though there are many who contribute time and efforts to SCAR‘s projects, the Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Roundtable is an independent informal group.

Updated on April 12, 2016.