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   Vol. 5 No. 2


Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution on-line magazine is dedicated to the study of the War for American Independence in the Southern Department from 1760 to 1789 and in its greater context. We facilitate the exchange of information on Southern Campaigns' Revolutionary War sites, their discovery, preservation, historic signage, interpretation; the material culture, artifacts, and archaeology; military tactics, units, logistics, and strategy; as well as the personalities and political leadership of all sides in this electronic magazine. We highlight professionals and amateurs actively engaged in Revolutionary War era research, preservation and interpretation and encourage an active exchange of information.

All are invited to submit articles, pictures, documents, events, and suggestions. Please help us obtain information from the dusty archive files, archaeology departments, and the knowledge base of local historians, property owners and artifact collectors. We feature battles and skirmishes, documents, maps, artifacts, Internet links, art, and other stories.

Please download the magazines and enjoy their scholarship.

Charles B. Baxley

Last updated June 24, 2009

Link to John Robertson's Index of the articles published in SCAR.