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"The Blood Be Upon Your Head":
Tarleton and the Myth of Buford's Massacre

The Battle of the Waxhaws

May 29, 1780

SCAR is pleased to announce that we have published Jim Piecuch's new book “The Blood Be Upon Your Head”: Tarleton and the Myth of Buford's Massacre. The one-sided victory of British Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton’s British Legion over Col. Abraham Buford’s Virginia Continentals on May 29, 1780 solidified Tarleton's reputation as "the butcher" and "bloody Ban" in Patriots' minds and Tarleton as a war hero from the British point of view. As a revisionist historian, Piecuch studies the source documents and challenges the 227-year-old assumptions of Tarleton's intent, complicity and guilt in the slaughter of the Virginians that May afternoon in South Carolina. He also looks at Col. Buford's tactical command decisions and their contributions to “Buford’s Defeat.”

Three battlefield maps demonstrate the unit positions on the battlefield, now located by archaeologists just east of the monuments in Lancaster County, SC. The book also contains many of the eye-witness documents including excerpts of pension records, period newspaper accounts, and unit histories and the commanders’ biographies.

If you were at the Battle of the Waxhaws conference last February you witnessed the clash of crossed swords between authors Jim Piecuch and Scott Miskimon debating the presentation of this book’s thesis.

The book, a perfect bound paperback, contains 120 pages and 7 full color plates and battle maps. It is available for immediate shipment. Available now for book costs of $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Please indicate if you would like your copy to be signed by the author, and send your check and preferred Post Office shipping address to:

Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution Press
P. O. Box 10
Lugoff, SC 29078-0010

Parker’s Guide to the Revolutionary War in South Carolina

Parker’s Guide to the Revolutionary War in South Carolina is hot off the press. It is the first and only guide to the Revolutionary War that locates all the battles, skirmishes and murders known with GPS coordinates for an entire state. Parker’s Guide includes maps, directions and a brief account of the action for each of the over 400 sites and actions in South Carolina during the Revolution. This guide will be a reference work well into the future.

Here are some comments of those who have used Parker’s Guide:

If only I could have used Parker’s Guide when doing boots-on-the-ground research for my work on Francis Marion. Other sources came nowhere close to its breadth and depth. With this guidebook you know the location of the action, how to get there and what really happened. Grab Parker’s Guide and live the Revolutionary War in South Carolina.
David Neilan, Editor
The Correspondence of General Francis Marion

Jack Parker has related many of the relatively unknown incidents of treachery, ambush, and murder, as well as the major confrontations and battles. Given its scope, it is obvious that this work will be useful not only to the tourist or curiosity seeker, but as a reference work for students, libraries, and museums, and as a source for other researchers of Revolutionary War history.
R.M. Huckeby, Editor

Or send a check or money order for $43.75 for each copy of Parker’s Guide to: Parker’s Guide, P.O. Box 357, Patrick, SC 29584. Include your mailing address, phone number, E-mail address and the number of guides ordered.

Visit Jack Parker's site on-line at

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