"Blood Be Upon Your Head"
Tarleton and Buford at the Waxhaws

February 27, 2010
Lancaster, South Carolina

Andrew Jackson State Park, Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution, the American Revolution Association, the Friends of Andrew Jackson State Park, and the Friends of the Medford Library presented "Blood Be Upon Your Head" - Tarleton and Buford at the Waxhaws" on February 27, 2010. The conference was held at the University of South Carolina-Lancaster with an afternoon tour of Buford's battleground. We examined the research and the myths surrounding this clash between units of British cavalry and American infantry to understand why scholars have been debating about this battle for 230 years.

Presenters included Josh Howard (who well stood in for snowbound Todd Braisted) on the British Legion and 17th Light Dragoons; authors Dr. Jim Piecuch of Kennesaw State University and Scott Miskimon spiritedly debated their differing interpretations of the cry of "massacre"; and David McKissack shared the history of the Virginia Continental Line. Bill Anderson mapped the daily movements of the troops involved and Lee McGee discussed the history of cavalry tactics and training. Current Waxhaws battlefield archaeology project manager, archaeologist Scott Butler, explained the archeology of the battleground. A battlefield tour was included with SCDOT chief archaeologist Wayne D. Roberts, with historians David P. Reuwer and Charles B. Baxley. Yes, they located the battlefield!

For information on Jim Piecuch's new book on Buford's Defeat:

"The Blood Be Upon Your Head":
Tarleton, Buford and the Myth of Massacre



SCAR is also working with Dr. Dennis Conrad to plan a cruise ship based presentations and land tours on the major naval and land battles in the Caribbean arising from the American Revolution. We hope to announce this family fun, laid-back but informative program in 2010. Stay tuned for additional information.

Charles B. Baxley
Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution


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